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Prokure V 300 Gallon Liquid Disinfectant Starter Kit

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(Includes 1 case of 12, ClO2 Liquid packets-makes 300 gallons, 1-20 gallon drum with bung wrench, 1 hand pumps, 6 spray bottles, 1 bottle of test strips)

  • EPA registered for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19
  • Hospital type disinfectant
  • Kills viruses*, bacteria, mold and odor-causing bacteria
  • Water-activated; no rinse required
  • EPA Registration No. 87508-3-89334
  • Product Ships dry / Just add water / Container sold separately

ClOLiquid is an EPA-registered, liquid deodorizer/disinfectant/fungicide formulated for hospital use that ships dry in formula packets. Inside the formula packets are white pouches that are water activated to create ClO2 liquid, that can be sprayed, wiped or mopped on all hard, non-porous surfaces. The liquid spray leaves no harmful residue and is suitable for water and smoke damage restoration, including sewer backup and river flooding, and trauma scene decontamination. Store in a Dark non opaque container or sprayer

Features & Benefits

  • EPA-registered disinfectant / general-purpose antimicrobial / tuberculocide / virucide* / fungicide / algaecide / slimicide / deodorizer

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, mold and odor causing bacteria

  • Formulated for professional use

  • Easy to use – apply to surface and allow to air dry

  • No harmful residue

  • All Sales are final

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